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Yijhu Township Office

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White Book

    1. Constructs harmonious relationships between the Township Office and Township Council to promote regional progresses
    2. Secures funds from various level of governments to explore more financial resources and cover financial shortages
    3. Plans one feature for one village to help diversify the development of businesses
    4. Establishes non-paid positions for township and village development consultancies to provide valuable experiences for the development of villages and townships
    5. Pays more concern to elderly living alone, minorities, and new immigrants to help them in daily life
    6. Promotes infrastructure, emphasize more on the maintenance and repairing of industrial roads to enhance road safety
    7. Secures more funds to uphold the dredges of drainage ditches and gates, and maintenance of pumping stations to solve flood problems effectively and protect the lives and properties of locals
    8. Provides free legal consultation services weekly to solve legal problems of local residents
    9. Provides job placement services to local residents to provide them with more job opportunities and increase their incomes
    10. Secures more funds to install more CCTV at important road junctions to uphold law and order and provide a secure living environment
    11. Secures more funds to promote lighting in the township in order to maintain security for transportation and home life for local residents
    12. Established multifunction help desk to accept folks’ application with a single window by integrating sections and departments in the township government to minimize folks’ inconvenience in applications
    13. Consolidated all village activities centers, the broadcasting system of village offices, and leisure and recreational facilities in order to provide folks with quality interaction, and leisure spaces and facilities
    14. Established an emergency help line to provide urgent help to elderly living alone, minorities, and patients with outbreak of diseases
    15. Coordinates with farmers’ and fisheries’ associations to provide production skills training in agriculture and aquaculture to promote more opportunities for the development of related industries
    16. Develops regional folk cultural industry and market local specialty
    17. Secures more funds to improve the facilities of and increase books for local libraries to provide quality reading environment to narrow down the cultural and educational gap between cities and countries
    18. Promotes the maintenance of a clean and hygiene living environment for the villages in order to minimize the outbreak of diseases
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